Vision On Wilshire
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Vision On Wilshire

Los Angeles, CA Collaborators Mister Important Design Featured Artist Laura Stewart, Amber Goldhammer, Jeff Iorillo, Sarah Stockstill Highlights 73 X 34 foot custom acrylic and spray paint piece by LA artist Amber Goldhammer Project Scope Public Spaces
Luxury living with a trendsetting art collection that showcases local artists

The design directive for this Los Angeles multi-family complex was based around the brand’s promise to offer “the ultimate luxury lifestyle for trendsetters and tastemakers”. Bringing the look and excitement of LA into the common areas of the Vision on Wilshire inspired Kevin Barry Art Advisory to source incredible artwork by local Los Angeles artists.

Jeff Iorillo’s large-scale monochromatic artwork mounted near the entrance sets an elegant, understated tone for visitors and guests. Laura Stewart’s gold and white textured painting and Amber Goldhammer’s layered, street art framed piece make bold statements in two meeting rooms.

Bringing yet more art moments into sitting rooms, a commissioned wall-length cascade of geometric forms is complemented by a framed giclée from artist Sarah Stockstill. Custom-created artworks round out the rest of the collection, designed specifically for this property by KBAA’s team of in-house graphic artists.

When we put together an art collection for this property, we aimed to reflect the tastes of a trend-setting, upscale city-dweller with great taste in art. That is very on-brand with the property’s vision, and it’s an exciting design directive to have. We also wanted the art to reflect the incredible work of some of the Los Angeles-based artists we have been fortunate to collaborate with over the years. Putting all of those pieces together made this a really successful project for us.

– Jason Fiore, Principal, Kevin Barry Art Advisory

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