Jeff Iorillo
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Jeff Iorillo

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Jeff Iorillo’s paintings are an exploration of color, rhythm, gesture, mass, and momentum. They are the product of a physically dynamic process related to Action Painting of the mid-20th Century. His work is composed of layers of oil enamel paint and polyurethane on coated masonite. These industrial materials are not intended for blending or thinning, so he does both, sometimes applied full-strength and sometimes thinned to a glossy glaze. Working horizontally, Iorillo uses techniques of pouring, dripping, pushing, and pulling, stopping and starting, dragging, rocking, jiggling, stamping, and pressing to create effects of lines and gaps, blending separation, dense and spare.


For Jeff Iorillo, paintings are both about the physical process and the result; they are a meditation on movement and stillness.

Jeff Iorillo

When I think of Jeff Iorillo's work, I think of movement, patterns, and an exquisite use of colors. His art is makes a particularly stunning first impression at the entrances of any kind of space.

— Allison M. Barry, President, Kevin Barry Art Advisory

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