Raffles Boston
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Raffles Boston

Boston, Massachusetts Collaborators Stonehill Taylor (Hotel), Rockwell (Residences) Featured Artist Lisa Kokin, John Johnson, Scott Troxel
Our narrative-driven program takes center stage.

Kevin Barry Art Advisory is excited to showcase our full-scope art program at the newly opened Raffles Boston. This program harmonized with the architectural and design visions of Stonehill Taylor and Rockwell Group, alongside consultant Eileen Slora. This project featured art in over 20 public spaces, 147 guest rooms, 30 suites, and 146 residences. As is the case with every KBAA project, we infused the program with a sense of locality and history—incorporating artists with East Coast connections and creating custom pieces that told stories of the city. 

The backbone of our program drew inspiration from Boston’s rich history and lovely city landscape, while blending these elements into an elevated Raffles visual aesthetic. Suites reflect the changing seasons and local flora, while public spaces highlight meaningful historic references. A unique aspect of this project was tying in the hotel experience into the high-end residential properties as well.

One of the most memorable pieces from this program lives in the residential lobby. Lisa Kokin’s “Book Branch’’ intricately shapes pages from the beloved Boston children’s book “Make Way For Ducklings” into a stunning sculptural piece. Inspired by the local setting of the book, which tells the heartwarming tale of two mallards nurturing their ducklings in the Boston Public garden lagoon, Kokin’s art beautifully honors the city’s literary heritage.

Our artist selection prioritized New England talent to merge as much local culture with luxury as we could. Through thoughtful curation, collaboration, and an innovative approach, this incredible art program stands as a testament to our mission of elevating spaces with art that narrates, captivates, and connects.

This immersive art program not only invites elegance, but also enriches the Raffles Boston experience for guests and residents.

- Allison Barry, Principal

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