St. Regis Hotel
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St. Regis Hotel

Toronto, Canada Collaborators DesignAgency Featured Artist Madison van Rijn Highlights Custom 60 x 19 foot ceiling mural Project Scope Consulting for the entirety of the two-story Grand Bar experience
Modern grandeur influenced by Toronto’s heritage.

To bring the room together in a celebration of the history and the beauty of a glass of whisky, KBAA commissioned an original piece by local artist Madison van Rijn to create a 60 x 19-foot ceiling mural that evokes the imagery of whisky poured into a glass. Swirling waves of amber are reminiscent of the way one swirls around whiskey in a glass to release the aroma of the spirit, also referred to as the “bouquet”. To heighten the effect of the work, artist Madison van Rijn hand-painted gold leafing along the piece to give it that extra shimmer to take it from abstract beauty into opulence.

Additional artwork in LOUIX LOUIS curated by our hospitality art advisors references the whisky distillation process through art made of oak or a deconstructed sculpture of a barrel splayed flat. Fluted or striated designs reference the fluted crystal glassware favored by whisky connoisseurs.

Feel inspired to swirl a bouquet of your own after reading about this project? Get the recipe for a New York Sour over at our blog.

Working with local artists that were raised in or currently work in the project locale brings a style that feels inherently true to the sense of place. The St. Regis Toronto is looking to welcome and connect with their local community, and highlighting a local artist is one creative way to bridge that gap.

– Allison M. Barry, President, Kevin Barry Art Advisory

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