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Jessie & Katey Paint, The Drip Eclipse


We could send you a valentine, but instead we’re mailing you a virtual love letter full of big art moments. Murals, mosaics, sculpture— we heart big art no matter where we find it.

Join us for a virtual field trip to see work by artists who inspire us with their larger-than-life creativity.


Marlon Diggs



Marlon Diggs (aka Marly McFly) is a Virginia-based self-taught artist whose style is a mix of pop and street art. His distinctive style is influenced by the pop culture imagery of his childhood, including  cartoons, comics, and action figures. Diggs draws influences from his surroundings, trying to stay up to date and incorporate the rapidly changing world of pop culture.


Untitled for Pow Wow DC


Jessie and Katey Paint

Open Walls 2


Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn are the Baltimore-based artistic duo known as Jessie and Katey. Their work is fueled by a mission to transform public spaces into playful, vibrant experiences. They credit their passion for people and design with bringing life to spaces that are often overlooked.

Each piece of public art created by Jessie and Katey is connected to the architectural landscape and history of the area where it’s found.

Knoxville Steps


Dany Green


Dany Green is a mosaic artist and visual designer living in Silver Spring. Originally from Philadelphia, Green credits the city for her discovery of her passion for mixed media work. She is a self-taught artist whose unique approach to mosaic creation is surprising and delightful. In addition to larger scale work, Dany Green also works in smaller scale to allow even tiny spaces to house a piece of her brilliant art.


Virginia Kistler


Virginia Kistler is an Ohio-based artist whose artistic process includes using two-dimensional imagery and her own photography in the creation of works of sculpture. She enjoys finding inspiration in the ephemeral and unseen, such as fungi spore prints, aerial maps of green space, light maps of urban landscapes, and sound impressions. 

Kistler has shown work nationally and has been commissioned by the Lincoln Motor Company, the Dayton Metro Library, and Cleveland State University to create permanent works of sculpture.


Erin Guido

Love Doves (with Joe Lanzilotta)


Ohio-based Erin Guido is a mixed media, public art and art installation creative who is inspired by walking around cities, pop-up books, and makers of all kinds. She frequently collaborates with other artists on projects, including her partner John Paul Costello. Together the two of them make up So Fun Studios where they stretch their creative muscles in whimsical and engaging ways.

Today I Feel



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