The Art of Elevating Multifamily Residences

Discover how KBAA transforms luxury living through artful narratives

At KBAA, we believe that art consultants can create meaningful moments in any multifamily space. We are experts in intertwining the feeling of hotel elegance with the warmth of residential living. Our forte lies in crafting story-forward art for communal areas that bring people together and make it feel like home. Over the years, we’ve worked with many residential and multifamily spaces. Check out a few of the feathers in our caps.




For Bezel Miami apartments, our goal was to evoke the essence of Miami living by offering vibrant art pieces throughout the space. We worked alongside One Line Design to infuse the fun and energy of The Magic City within the property. Plus, we were thrilled to create some unique pieces for our first ever dog spa curation!


Custom prints designed by KBAA and framed by our fabrication partner for the adorable dog spa.





The Claude at Chevy Chase Lake was a wonderful collaboration with Bozzuto Development. A luxury apartment community close to the amenities of downtown Washington D.C., this elevated project was brought to life by the visionary design of Patrick Sutton. Our art program inspires residents to immerse themselves in an effortlessly chic environment with calming and inviting art moments.


A textural painting on canvas gracefully sits on the fireplace.





Another great collaboration with Bozzuto Development was the Aster. This residential community is flourishing in the heart of College Park, MD. We embraced the brand narrative of Aster to create an art program that fit within the top-notch amenities, abundant green spaces, and vibrant lifestyle. We wanted to create a sense of an energize oasis within College Park, reflecting Aster’s commitment to wellbeing, connection, and the natural environment.


Evoking a sense of calm in the shared residential game room and lounge.





Finally, we’re particularly proud of our recent collaboration with the first Raffles property in the US, Raffles Boston. For this program, we pulled in storytelling from our holistic property-wide art program, while selecting pieces that offered something special for residents.

We worked with a range of artists, highlighting east-coast natives that were immersed in the rich history of the city. By accentuating Boston’s literary heritage, like incorporating motifs of the state flower, sailboats, and quintessential East Coast history, we crafted an art program that truly resonates. This project stands as a testament to our passion for blending local culture with luxury, creating an art-filled environment that residents get to enjoy. 


Stunning art pieces in the Raffles Boston residential lobby.


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