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NEMA Boston

Boston, MA Collaborators Crescent Heights Highlights Oversized record wall with custom labels featuring The Channel bands Project Scope Exterior courtyard, lobby & communal spaces
The newest NEMA property inspired by the city it calls home.

Located in the heart of Boston’s Seaport neighborhood, NEMA’s latest property is a sleek, modern multifamily complex with a look and feel that is uniquely Bostonian. For NEMA Boston, our art advisors curated an art collection that reflects the history and culture of the area. Working with a variety of artists, including our own in-house graphics team, we assembled a diverse collection of artwork throughout the property that is vibrant, elevated, and rooted in the city’s vibrant past and present.

Among the diverse art styles within the NEMA Boston collection, sculptural art is most prominent. Two large-scale sculptures by artist Randy Doering greet residents and visitors outside of the residences and in the interior. Doering’s first piece is a monumental red abstract sculpture located just outside the entrance to the property. Titled “Linked”, the piece is a stainless steel sculpture with a bright red powder coat finish, turning guests’ first impression into a “wow” moment. Just inside the lobby area, the second Randy Doering sculpture entitled “Leaning” makes for another striking arrival moment. Constructed out of intertwining steel I-beams, the sculpture references the Boston Seaport’s manufacturing history. By leaving the natural patina of the steel, the piece keeps its visceral, industrial feel.

Farther into the lobby, a large-scale wall sculpture composed of 49 oversized acrylic records pays homage to Boston’s music scene. Situated in the seaport at the edge of the Fort Point Channel, The Channel was once a live music hotspot back in the 1980s. The club hosted a wide array of musical groups including Run DMC, The Go-Go’s, Rick James, and Iggy Pop. Designed by our in-house graphics team, our installation includes custom record labels featuring the names of the iconic The Channel bands.

We think that the next two pieces we’re going to discuss really let the art speak for itself. The first is an eye-catching piece featuring elections of writings by famous American authors like Emerson, Thoreau and Poe that are laser cut into metal. The passages chosen were all written about the Boston area and, when arranged together in one continuous paragraph, specific words and phrases emerge for the viewer. The second word-focused artwork can be found in the property’s mailroom. There an abstracted array of words that describe the history and feel of the city are lit by LED and stand out in contrast to the matte black backing.

Rounding out the rest of this NEMA property’s art collection are custom-design artwork and photography that reflects the industry and industrious spirit of Boston.

The NEMA brand’s mission to deliver an upscale residential experience that is unique to each city is an exciting design directive to execute. We look forward to finding ways to amplify the art and culture of NEMA properties as they spring up across the United States.

– Allison M. Barry, President, Kevin Barry Art Advisory

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