Campbell House Hotel
Case Study

Campbell House Hotel

Lexington, KY Collaborators Flick Mars Highlights The stunning features of Kentucky thoroughbreds showcased through fine art photography Project Scope Public spaces and guest rooms
Set in the heart of horse country, there was never any doubt that our art curation for the Campbell House Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky was going to be an ode to the bond between horse and rider

Close-up photography of horse features framed above two stately bronze horse head sculptures, picturesque images of dark horses set against a winter backdrop, and photos evoking the legendary Kentucky Derby were selected by our art consultants to give this property a strong sense of place. Hotel art featuring stables, ranch homes and landscape, as well as wide open bluegrass country further make this a quintessentially Kentucky establishment with Southern charm to spare. Kevin Barry Art Advisory appreciates a property with a strong theme and this project is a great example of how we rise to the challenge in a clear, elevated way.

The rich history and classic elegance of the Campbell House Hotel make this the crown jewel of our Southern projects to date. The art curation for this property had such a firm sense of place and historic Kentucky charm and we had fun infusing the equestrian theme throughout.

– John Barry, Principal, Kevin Barry Art Advisory

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