Time for Inviting Elegance

Dive into the first ELEVATE by KBAA of 2024

Spring is around the corner. As this season is most appreciated for its renewal and beauty, Spring is the ideal backdrop for our latest issue of ELEVATE by KBAA. Centered around the idea of “Inviting Elegance,” we dive into discovering its presence in both grand and humble moments. To us, elegance is not only a trait of luxurious spaces and places, but it’s also an opportunity for us to find the sparkle in everyday life. 



Flip through the pages to see some of our most elegant clients, from incredible hotel spaces to beautiful multi-family residences. This edition is a mosaic of insights, stories, and ideas aimed at how inviting elegance can make every moment feel more enriched and meaningful.


Custom gallery suite headboard.


Our flagship project in this issue highlights our new at program for Raffles Boston. Raffles Boston is a 35-story urban oasis that offers just about everything—from hotel and residences to restaurants and spas. As the first Raffles property in the US, we were honored to be selected to lead the art program in such a meaningful space. 


Take a look at one of the fifteen beautiful garden suites.


KBAA was thrilled to offer our full scope of art advisory services that spanned across 147 guest rooms, 30 suites, 146 residences, and 20 unique public spaces. Read all about it in our latest issue of ELEVATE by KBAA and let us know what you think. 



As 2024 unfolds and brings in the vibrant palette of spring, we hope our perspective brightens your day and inspires you to incorporate elegance in your life and surroundings. Whether through art, design, or the simple pleasure of a well-curated space, we hope you can find ways to enjoy elegance at every turn.

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