The Beautiful Geometry of Art

Art that envelopes the viewer with a subtle elegance

There’s something about dimensional art that draws the viewer in. More so than the color or medium used to create an artwork, the shape and movement of a piece can be transformative. The subtle beauty of bends, folds, and layers is a testament to an artist’s craft, as well as their vision. 

At KBAA we are fortunate to know and work with many artists who understand how to use form and layers to create beautiful and mesmerizing work. If you’re thinking about adding some dimensionality to your next project, you’ll want to read more about these four artists you should know.


Art by Susan Maddux


Susan Maddux is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work combines painting and sculpture into unique forms evocative of the colors and warmth of her native Hawaii. Her Hapa background and birthplace of Oahu, Hawaii informs Maddux’s work through the influence of the arts of Asia and the Pacific. Each of her pieces is made of individual acrylic paintings on canvas which are then folded to conceal, reveal and transform the materials. Her work was recently featured in our curation of Atelier Dallas.


Art by Ink and Indigo


Emily Mann is the artist, designer,  creative consultant and founder of Ink and Indigo, a multidisciplinary art studio based in Avondale Estates, GA. Her studio specializes in large scale, mixed media sculptural pieces, site specific installation art, encaustics, and a huge range of works on paper and canvas. Several pieces of art by Ink and Indigo grace the walls of the new Atelier Dallas multifamily property.


Art by Jenny Wong-Stanley


Jenny Wong-Stanley describes herself as part designer, builder, sculptor and scientist. Through her use of bent wood as a medium, her sculptures, planters, and home decor reflect a reverence for nature. Wong frequently incorporates recycled or upcycled materials, scraps, and remnants into her work, making them sustainable as well as beautiful.


Art by Susannah Mira


Susannah Mira’s artwork comes from her deep desire to transform ordinary things. Though source materials vary—originating from industry, retail, or the home—her work is always the result of tactile experimentation in the studio. By applying the simplest connections, like stuffing, stacking, folding, and stringing, she generates clusters, piles, and blobs, not to mention the errant suspended line, showing that spectacular results can come from the humblest of origins.



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