The Sound Hotel Seattle Belltown, Tapestry Collection® by Hilton
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The Sound Hotel Seattle Belltown, Tapestry Collection® by Hilton

Seattle, WA Collaborators Hirsch Bedner Associates Highlights Large-scale wall coverings Project Scope Public spaces, guest rooms, bar, club lounge, residences reception
This new addition to Hilton’s Tapestry Collection is a property that defines upscale earthiness

When designing a hotel in one of Seattle’s hippest districts for a brand that promises local inspiration and uniqueness, you need to bring an energy that hits the perfect note. KBAA’s team of expert art advisors recently curated a bespoke art collection for The Sound Seattle’s guest rooms and suites, public spaces, and residential leasing office that will wrap you in style and comfort just like a favorite flannel.

For a project with many components, our team was able to commission hotel art pieces in both large and small scale. You’ll need to look up to enjoy one of our largest art pieces when you check-in for your stay. For the front desk area of The Sound, KBAA commissioned a piece made of canvas ceiling panels stretched and layered with wood cutouts, creating a textured, earthy minimalist feel. In the elevator lobby, a custom-made spiral acrylic sculpture of rotating triangle forms hangs suspended. Further down the hall past the front desk, a fanciful custom sculpture of a school of fish made from records leads guests deeper into the property. Furthermore, you might want to make a stop at the bathrooms before you head up or you’ll miss the large scale murals of the Seattle skyline in both the men’s and women’s restrooms in the public space.

Inside the guest rooms and suites, an array of custom giclées in muted colors, art prints of iconic Seattle imagery and Pacific Northwest sights, and sheet music-turned-art are hung throughout. Super graphics featuring Seattle skylines, fractured records, keyboards and sound waves give rooms and suites a one-of-a-kind feeling that is the trademark of Hilton Tapestry properties. Still looking for pieces that make a big statement? Check in on the club lounge, the residences reception and bar, which all feature large-scale murals.

Whether big or small, the artwork sourced by Kevin Barry Art Advisory makes The Sound anything but ordinary, just like its city.

When you think of Seattle, you think of a big city with a youthful vibe nestled in the lush, natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. We took a lot of that local inspiration to create a stylish art collection for The Sound Hotel that would make anyone excited to head out and explore this amazing city.

– John Barry, Principal, Kevin Barry Art Advisory

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