Fall/Winter 2021 Trend Report

Beautiful art with feeling

As we prepare for a transition in the cooler months of the year, we have a new trend report to help usher in the changing seasons. Once again, we’re seeing that the trends from the past year have some real staying power. Perhaps that shouldn’t surprise us as many of us are looking for stability and consistency in our surroundings. A common theme of the long-lasting trends appears to be that, while they are all beautiful, it’s all about the way they make us feel.

Today on the blog we’re going to explore three trends that stand out from the rest as ones to watch. Join us as we show you beautiful art that will inspire and move you, and introduce you to the incredible artists behind the work.


Sculptural Flourishes


Though it might not seem like it, our first trend takes its cue from the fashion world. For a few seasons now, designers have been experimenting with different variations on a suited look. Structured with a bit of edge is a style that shows no signs of fading as we shift into the last half of the year. 

When thinking of the art and decor equivalent of this trend, we looked for art with a strong form that still holds a little bit of chaos. Sometimes the unpredictability comes from the medium or the colors, but when paired with solid lines the result is always beautiful.

Featured Artists (clockwise from top left): Jonathan Swanz, Erica Iman, Ana Maria Mariani, King Kong Studio, Chandler McLellan


Artist Spotlight: Chandler McLellan

Chandler McLellan is a Wyoming-based sculptor whose work is inspired by the past and renditions of the future. McLellan has a background in archaeology that informs his work, as well as years of experience working in carpentry and cabinet making. He hopes that the objects he creates inspired stories, interpretation, and imagination.

(left to right: “Ma’at”, “Rujm 2”, “C^2”)


Pendant Decor and Lighting


Here’s another trend with roots in the fashion world: decorative pendant lighting. Just as metallic fringe is a current favorite of designers, turning lighting fixtures into brilliant baubles is in. 

We think this trend works well with lots of different textures. Whether the fixtures are made of metal, fiber, or wood, the most important thing is to make a statement. By emphasizing and enhancing light sources, this trend also builds upon a desire to add warmth and glow to interiors.

Featured Artists (clockwise from top left): Filamentos, Beth Kamhi, Jessica Kay Bodner


Artist Spotlight: Beth Kamhi

Chicago-based artist Beth Kamhi specializes in site-specific projects and installation using industrial ball chain. She has a textile, fashion, and interior design background from the Fashion Institute of Design. 

Kamhi’s work has been described as a balance between the delicate and industrial. Her works of sculpture play with tension through their form, creating dynamic experiences for the viewer.

Assorted works by Beth Kamhi

Sustainable Art


We don’t think of sustainability as a trend; it’s a movement that has been building for years that is based on science, not fads. That being said, we have observed an increase in the request for sustainable art in the past several months. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that eco-consciousness as an objective is not a trend, but considering art as a core part of your sustainability program is. 

There are so many ways to approach building an art program with sustainability at the forefront. Whether you’re commissioning original art or sourcing existing work made sustainably, there are a lot of options. This is a large, complex area of art and design, so our suggestions really only scratch the surface. Hopefully we can offer some inspiration for where to take things in your next project.

Featured Artists (clockwise from top left): Barbara de Pirro, Mira Woodworth, Lisa Kokin, Made by Natura


Artist Spotlight: Mira Woodworth

Glass artist Mira Woodworth sees the secret beauty in reclaiming the unwanted and refinishing it into a work of art. She approached her work with the intent of letting the viewer fall in love with the beauty of the object first before revealing its previous life. Woodworth describes this as coming from her personal optimism that it’s never too late for anything (or anyone) to be remade.

(left to right: “Vintner’s Toast”, “Dreamscape” commission, commissioned mixed media glass installation)



If you’re looking for more artists whose work fits beautifully into these trends, take a look at these three recent KBAA Featured Artists.

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