Stevi Michner
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Stevi Michner

Collaborations Atelier Dallas

Structure with references to space and time are the foundation of Stevi Michner’s practice. She begins her process with research, to better understand the physical composition of the medium she chooses to explore. By understanding the properties of a material, she is able to explore ways of unmaking and (re)making her works into something new and unexpected.


Two dimensional paintings find themselves stripped from a stretcher and dipped in pigmented concrete to (re)create them into a three-dimensional sculpture. Photography is no longer on paper, Michner takes her imagery and applies it to concrete and frescos, a process that she developed 10 years ago. A look at her private notebooks reveal a preoccupation with ideas of time and space, and how they inform the composition and structure of materials.

Stevi Michner

When I think of Stevi Michner pieces I think of organic colors and shapes, weighty art that feels substantial in a room, and understated elegance.

- Allison Barry

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