The Viv Hotel, Anaheim, a Tribute Portfolio™ Hotel
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The Viv Hotel, Anaheim, a Tribute Portfolio™ Hotel

Anaheim, CA Collaborators HKS Dallas Featured Artist James J. Farran, Reagan Corbett Highlights A trio of life-sized Stormtrooper action figures Project Scope Public spaces, private dining areas and guest rooms
Visitors to the Happiest Place on Earth have a new place to call home as they explore Anaheim’s Platinum Triangle

Located less than a mile from Disneyland Resort, the The Viv Hotel, Anaheim is a property focused on fun and elevated with premium amenities that will appeal to everyone in your vacation crew. To amplify the playful sophistication of the interior design by HKS Dallas, Kevin Barry Art Advisory worked with a deep roster of creative artists to bring magic to every area of the property. 

The first sculpture to catch a visitor’s eye at the The Viv is a larger-than-life take on the classic Viewmaster toy. Titled “Greetings from Anaheim”, this piece acts as a reminder of the fun memories yet to be made, as well as the ones you’ll take home with you when your stay has ended.

Overall, the aesthetic of The Viv Hotel, Anaheim is inspired by play and childhood nostalgia. To create art that doesn’t take itself too seriously, we worked with frequent collaborator James J. Farran of Beverly Point Design. With a background in toy design, Farran was a natural choice to bring playfulness and sophistication to our art collection. 

Perhaps the most impressive of Farran’s pieces at the The Viv Hotel, Anaheim is his piece called “Charlie’s Troopers”. This sculpture is composed of three life-sized Stormtroopers made of resin and fiberglass, placed in a throwback pose to the TV classic “Charlie’s Angels”. The figures were given a blue ombre pattern to connect the artwork to the visual language of the The Viv brand. Further along, a large-scale sculptural piece titled “Candy” is a delicious reinterpretation of the Swiss Army Knife. Each “knife” has been replaced with a classic candy bar-inspired creation, with names that playfully hint at their real world counterparts. Additional artwork for the hotel by Farran includes a pair of wall sculpture pieces made of Disney Legos, custom dimensional sculptures composed of repurposed comic book strips, and a custom mixed media paint brush-inspired piece.

Work by another KBAA frequent collaborator, Reagan Corbett, can also be found in the public spaces of the The Viv Hotel, Anaheim. Color-coordinated gummy pieces sculpted out of resin pay homage to the color palette of two of Disney’s most iconic characters: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. 

Continuing in the theme of memories of childhood, two found object wall sculptures take classic toys and reimagine them as art. A commissioned Lego brick wall sculpture created by local artist Andy Bauch can be found in the hotel’s private dining area, and a light peg sculpture depicting an arc of a roller coaster shines at the end of a lobby corridor.

If anyone was concerned that we might have had all the fun with the lobby curation, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the guest room art. Gallery walls featuring eclectic pairings of photography and giclées, oversized prints of cotton candy clouds on acrylic mirrors keep the rooms just as vibrant and thematic as the rest of the property.

It was so fun to let ourselves be inspired by our favorite memories of childhood during the curation process for this project. For generations we have been delighted by the characters, sights, and sounds of the Magic Kingdom, and finding new ways to weave that into art was a delight.

- John Barry, Principal, Kevin Barry Art Advisory

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