71 S Wacker
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71 S Wacker

Chicago, IL Collaborators Irvine Company Featured Artist Katie Meuser Highlights Two commissioned 78”x 38” hand-embellished murals by local Chicago artist Project Scope Entire corporate headquarters
A new visual identity for a sleek, Downtown Chicago corporate property

Revitalizing Downtown Chicago’s 48-story office tower once known at the Hyatt Center required more than a new name: 71 S Wacker needed a new visual identity. To herald the beginning of a new chapter, KBAA commissioned two large-scale lobby art moments by local artist Katie Meuser for this corporate property. The result is a pair of modern abstract murals that flank the 36-foot-high twin halls, giving visitors and tenants a gorgeous first impression. 

From the outset, our art advisors knew that this was not going to be your typical mural commission. Choosing to work with an artist who employs a watercolor technique to her acrylic works required us to be creative about how to execute such large pieces of art. Painting a mural with a watercolor technique directly onto a wall is a technical challenge, so Meuser worked on the two 78” x 38” murals in pieces off-site. She later brought the murals in sections to install seamlessly onto the lobby’s walls. In the process, she added hand-painted embellishments to really make the artwork’s colors pop. Katie Meuser took particular care to bring out the pieces’ contrasting orange-red color by layering extra paint. Adding additional texture to other areas of the mural was accomplished in a similar fashion. The finished product is a set of modern abstracts that were executed and installed using creativity on the part of both the artist and the art advisor— a truly winning combination.

In many ways, this project is an excellent case study to show the benefit of working with a team like ours. Turning the client’s vision into a reality required a lot of technical considerations that we were able to be handled directly with the artist. Working as an intermediary between the client and artist is our strong suit, and projects like this show how successful that can be.

– Kevin Barry, Founder & CEO, Kevin Barry Art Advisory

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