Finding Inspiration in “Big Joy”

Big Joy

It feels like there’s a big sea change happening in many parts of our lives right now. Across fashion, advertising, and design, people have been expressing this feeling for a while without giving it a name. We would like to propose that this creative push— this sense of excitement and urgency— can be thought of as “Big Joy”. “Big Joy” is kinetic, it’s visceral, it’s colorful, and it’s tactile. “Big Joy” is self-expression with wild abandon for its own sake.

This month, we combed through our artist network and picked four creatives whose work embodies the energy and spirit of “Big Joy”. If you’re looking for ways to add some kinetic vibrancy to your next project, you won’t want to miss being introduced to these amazing artists. 


Brooklyn-based Julian Lorber is a mixed media artist whose process involves painting, sculpture, installation and digital prints. His artworks are about interactions and intention, between ourselves and the spaces we inhabit.


Shahla Friberg creates art that is conceived and formed through a meditative process. She cuts varied pieces of glass into shards, some mirrored and others colored. By connecting them to each other at different points and angles, she creates work that is similar to a traditional stained glass technique. Her sculptural works play not just with form, but also with light and reflection.


Makiko Harris is a mixed media artist based in the Bay Area whose background in fashion, music and design informs her work. Her work often takes the form of 3D paintings, fabric collages, abstract and large-scale paintings.


Nicholas Biddle is an artist whose work is inspired by color and structure. He works in a wide variety of mediums, including polymer, concrete, wood, and plastics.



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