Urszula Gogol
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Urszula Gogol

Urszula Gogol is a Chicago-based digital artist with European roots. Gogol believes, the impact of her early upbringing, inspired by local arts and its techniques helped her to develop a unique approach to arts and subjects revolving around preservation and ecological impact of society on nature. She holds an MFA in Fiber and Material Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art.


Gogol’s Digital Paintings/Collages and Photography combine two-decades of her experience in both Graphic Design and Fiber/Textile Art. Merging together her fascination for complexed surfaces, colors and labor-intensive process, Gogol digitally manipulates the city-made textures though New Media, using a graphic design software.


Recently Urszula Gogol’s 11 artworks had become part of a permanent collection at Sophy Hyde Park Hotel in Chicago and can be view in both common areas and guest rooms. Gogol has exhibited in solo shows at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Woman Made Gallery.

Urszula Gogol

As an artist I have the ability to pick up many details that would normally escape everyday passersby and study it with an obsessive nature, making many almost identical versions of the same thing. In asking questions I'm not always fully solving the original question that I started with, but the process always leads to many more questions.

- Urszula Gogol

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