Robert Charon
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Robert Charon

Robert Charon is a native to Arizona. He had his first private show at age twelve and pursued his art education at universities in Arizona and Utah. During his undergraduate years he spent two years in Taiwan where he studied oriental tradition and art. His experience in Taiwan and the influence of the Eastern culture inspired and influenced him as an artist. The splendor of nature and wonder of the world left a lasting impression on Charon that has outlasted any one artistic movement.


Charon’s style is not derived from specific movements or periods in art history. Robert Charon has his own unique style which can be described as an all- embracing balance of converse yet connected imagery. His style is diverse and he captures life in both subtle and dramatic ways. Whether it is a graceful acrylic landscape, a resonant color field, abstract in mixed media on canvas or metal wall art Charon’s work evokes a feeling of peace and and tranquility to the viewer. His paintings call the viewer to reflection. Charon’s reverse paintings on plexiglass in acrylic are an anecdote of light and dark, translucent to opaque; and abstract to realism. The plexiglass allows for the “canvas” to be rounded.


Robert Charon is an award winning international artist and his work can be found in corporate and private collections around the world.

Robert Charon

Robert Charon's work evokes peace and tranquility, regardless of subject matter. From his color studies to his landscapes, his art embodies fluidity and balance.

- Jason Fiore, Principal, Kevin Barry Art Advisory

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