Natasha Shoro
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Natasha Shoro

Natasha Shoro is a contemporary visual artist born in Ithaca, now working and residing in Irvine, Southern California. Shoro’s genres include abstract mixed media and mixed media collage paintings to site specific installations which address topics from her life experiences of being a woman with multi-cultural influences. She finds inspiration from her travels and is inspired by the aerial cartographies in nature.


Natasha Shoro spent the first twelve years of her life traveling extensively as her father worked in the hotel management business. Living in the United States, Africa, Europe and Pakistan exposed Natasha to a wide range of languages and culture. This rich overlap of experience has had a profound influence on Natasha’s art making. Throughout her schooling both in the United States and abroad, Natasha has continued to be recognized and awarded for her accomplishments in fine art, experimenting with a variety of mediums. Her work has evolved over the years and masters a variety of multimedia techniques. Natasha’s passion for mark-making in drawing and painting encourages a journey of self-discovery and investigation of personal space and overlapping identity.


Shoro continues to exhibit internationally. Her paintings are in public, private and corporate collections worldwide with a major collection at CTBC Bank in Los Angeles.

Natasha Shoro

Exposed to Eastern and Western worlds through my roots, my identity soars through layers of color and intuitive mark making. The fluidity of crossing boundaries and overlapping bring upon the relationships of world religions and spiritual being on earth. Through the process of experimental art, I feel the layers and transparencies of my essence unfolding in front of me.

- Natasha Shoro

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