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Molly Goldfarb

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Molly Goldfarb (MAG) is an NYC-based independent studio artist best known for her vibrant acrylic and digital paintings. Her pop-meets-punk aesthetic takes shape in a wide range of subject matter, ranging from free-association abstract portraits, to imagined “scenes” placed against the backdrop of the contemporary US, to the depiction of pop-objects and plant life. These works are tied together by a bold, bright color pallet and flattened style that allows Goldfarb to bring her continuously growing list of visual inspirations into a singular plane and dialogue, creating a new combinative, vibrant “world” in and of itself.


From her beginnings in NYC’s pop-up art scene after graduating college in 2014, Goldfarb’s work has since gained recognition through her participation in renowned fairs such as the LA Art Show, CONTEXT NY, Spectrum Miami, and Satellite Art Show. She remains prolific and continues to actively exhibit her work- at times representing herself and at times partnering with galleries- through bi-annual open studio installations, fairs and gallery exhibitions.

Molly Goldfarb

We love Molly Goldfarb's eye-popping use of color and abstract style. Imagining how her colorful, sometimes surreal view of the world will amplify the character of a space is exciting.

— John Barry, Principal, Kevin Barry Art Advisory

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