Kristina Baker
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Kristina Baker

Kristina Baker’s intimate connection with nature and passion for ecology imbues her canvases with the colors, textures, shapes, and patterns of the landscapes that inspire her. Inspired by a sense of place, Baker creates oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings that meditate on themes of growth, stillness, and rebirth.  She has embraced several changes of scenery that have expanded the colors on her painting palette to include the neutrals of the Northeast, vibrant hues of the Appalachians, reverberating deep greens of the Pacific Northwest, and more.  Baker explores through paint the experience of her physical body searching for a sense of integration with the landscape.  Her paintings reflect the serenity and personal sanctuary she finds in nature.

Kristina Baker

I work very intuitively; I rarely know what a painting will look like when it is finished, and I allow the process to guide me. I often start with an initial image or idea, but it feels like a diving board— a way to begin, and access something deeper that is discovered along the way.

- Kristina Baker

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