KC Haxton
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KC Haxton

Born in Santa Cruz, California, KC Haxton traveled the country with his family, gathering experiences that shaped his unique view of the world at a young age, never living in one place for longer than a few months. His earliest art memory is that of falling asleep in his highchair when he was drawing. Haxton describes his style of painting as romantic, satiric, funny, bold and delicate. His favorite artists are Sarah Stockstill, his mother and Jeff Buckley. Hanging upon the walls of his home is a painting that his friend Xander painted for him.


Working primarily with acrylics and collage materials, KC Haxton loves that he can explore new styles easily, and constantly improve on them. He begins a painting with a plan in place, but as he paints he allows in “bits of spontaneity” along the way. His art has never been stationary— it is constantly changing and evolving as he explores.


Haxton now lives and works in Los Angeles, California, painting his heart out and loving every minute of it. To him, art is not a self-indulgent, emotionally introspective downward spiral. He paints “all day, every day, all night, every night”. KC Haxton’s works appear in the private collections of Jason Mraz and the band Train.

KC Haxton

Art is a medium that opens the door into the unknown, and provides a platform in which one can explore, indulge and grow. Art provides the stage for the experience, and is infinite in its possibility.

- KC Haxton

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