Dolan Geiman
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Dolan Geiman

Denver-based contemporary collage artist Dolan Geiman is known for his reuse of found materials and objects in his work. Examples of materials he has sourced for his creations include vintage paper, reclaimed wood, and salvaged metal. Along with his specialized use of upcycling, Geiman often combines other artistic techniques in his work, including painting and screenprinting. Well-versed in a variety of art forms, original artwork by this artist includes paper collages, metal wall sculptures, and faux taxidermy. The subject matter of his artwork is inspired by the flora and fauna of the United States and classic Western motifs.


Dolan Geiman’s work is an excellent choice for Southwest-themed projects, sustainable art collections, and spaces that could use some texture, intricate details, and a touch of the great outdoors.


Dolan Geiman

I was taught at an early age that everything around me could have multiple purposes. These tenets provided a solid foundation on which to build a career as a found object and mixed media artist, satisfying a deep-rooted appreciation for turning the discarded and ordinary into the extraordinary.

— Dolan Geiman



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