Debbie Smyth
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Debbie Smyth

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Debbie Smyth is an artist most identifiable by her statement pin and thread drawings. Achieving complex shading and tactile surface patterns attention by pushing the expected scope and application of her chosen materials. This unusual style and distinctive approach garner deserved attention. Her work encompasses large-scale wall installations for hotels, events and corporate interiors as well as smaller framed works.


Commissioned by major companies including Ellesse, The New York Times, Sony, Adidas, Instagram, Toshiba, Continental, Four Seasons Hotel group, Mercedes Benz and Hermes; Smyth’s recognizable and intricate pin and thread work beautifully blurs the boundaries between fine drawings, illustration and embroidery sitting her practice on the borders of art, craft + design.

Debbie Smyth

I love searching out imagery and recording events, be it by drawing or photographing situations. I can bring this memory back to life in a piece of art. I like to give a new lease of life to fleeting forgotten moments.

- Debbie Smyth

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