Brent Foreman
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Brent Foreman

Brent Foreman is a contemporary fine artist born in 1973 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Foreman took to art as soon as he was able to hold a crayon. Throughout his childhood, he developed an appreciation for his surroundings. He would often sit and sketch for hours trying to interpret the world around him. Years of artistic expression made it clear that Foreman’s life would be centered upon his love of art. He attended Minnesota State University, where he fine tuned his style and passion for painting.


This formal training led to a variety of arts-related jobs included an International Art Team where he studied under the apprenticeship of John Douglas and Liz Jardine and, eventually, full-time work in his own independent artist’s studio in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brent Foreman

I want to be the artist that others look to and emulate. I enjoy what I do and look forward to the future.

- Brent Foreman

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