Artist Q&A: Beth Kamhi

Learn about how Beth transforms spaces with her artwork

Artist and KBAA collaborator Beth Kamhi is as unique and interesting as her work. Her mission has always been to captivate and enthrall every viewer, bringing them on a journey to discover the relationship between form and function. Beth is a Chicago artist, former interior designer, and lifelong learner who we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Recently, her piece “Braids” from our collaboration with Waldorf Astoria Chicago won the Custom Art + Installations category at the 20th Annual HD Product Awards. Check out more of her work on her website or on social media



Tell us a bit about yourself and your point of view as an artist.

I feel blessed to be able to pursue my passion as a creative person / artist. My life is a continuum. Always moving forward and slightly referencing the past. I always honor who I am, who I was, and who I will be in my work. Textiles, Fashion Design,  Interior Design and Art lay the foundation of my practice. 


How did you feel when KBAA approached you for the collaboration with Waldorf Astoria Chicago?

Overjoyed with the prospect of working with KBAA and Simeone Deary Interior Design in my hometown.


As a local Chicago artist, what did it mean to you to contribute your artwork to a prominent location within your community?

Typically my commissions are as far away as Guadalajara, Mexico – so to be able to visit  with friends and family and enjoy it locally is a special treat for me! Supporting local artists is very important to the vibrancy of a local art community.



Describe the process of aligning your artistic vision with the Waldorf Astoria Chicago.

I typically collab and focus on the scale of the piece for the location – I love a site specific project and it’s challenges!  Originally there were 4 narrow elements…we talked through the concept and landed on 3 more dense elements for Bernard’s Bar Chicago to enhance its amazing interior design.


Describe the concept and meaning behind your piece “Braids.”

Braids is from my Tension series. The concept of tension usually brings to mind images of force and strain. However, with this series, I created something that embodies contrasting elements—both intense and soft—recalling not only physical tension but also the metaphorical imagery of sexual tension. The sculpture, therefore, mimics these contrasting forces through the interplay of ball chains and rings. Much like the tormenting feeling of attraction, Tension encompasses a kaleidoscope of elements and movements, all working together to create a visually dynamic experience.

Playing with the idea of structural elements, this artwork combines the solidity of squares with the fluidity of ball chains. The result is a sculptural wall piece that harmoniously blends order and chaos, balancing opposing forces. Just as architecture employs lines and shapes that stand resolute amidst the world’s chaos, I wanted to capture a sense of stability and rootedness. This work is an ode to balance and resilience, encapsulating both solidity and fragility. Like ancient structures that have withstood the test of time due to their enduring nature, structures embrace fluidity while forging a path towards the new.



Describe the concept and meaning behind your piece “Braids.”

 For over a decade, my artistic journey has revolved around a captivating pursuit—a harmonious balance between the physical weight, playful spirit, and sinuous elegance of industrial ball chain material…weaving, braiding, flowing until I find the balance I need for each piece.  


How do you hope visitors feel when they see your piece within the context of the interior design?

With my practice, I aim to create visually captivating installations that beckon the beholder’s gaze to the enchanting ornamental fluidity of steel, weaving and draping the steel beads to create an effect similar to that of silk threads.


How did KBAA support you in your execution from planning to final execution?

Through a series of emails and concept and working progress photos we were able to stay on point and on time making the whole process seamless and very enjoyable!


Do you have any advice for artists hoping to engage in collaborations with art advisories like KBAA?

Jump in with quality photos to showcase your work!

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