Craig Alan painting of people walking through an endless maze
Artist Bio

Craig Alan

Collaborations Toscana Country Club

Rough-hewn wood and a field of wild flowers – Craig Alan’s inspirations translate into an art that holds the viewer like a mountain vista. The elemental quality of his art, like nature, is a full range of texture – the fabric that defines a content of subtle tension and intrinsic beauty. Craig Alan’s talents lay dormant until his sophomore year of college when they found a vehicle for expression through his first formal art class.


From the beginning, Craig gained recognition for his work. He was honored by having his work included among forty-two finalists in a field of 1600 submissions for Mobile University’s most prestigious exhibition. Finally, at graduation, he was recognized for academic excellence. Leaving college, he traveled in search of the perfect fly-cast and that personal challenge found in each new rock climbing experience. Looking forward, he intends to continue his travels – enlarging his personal experience of both the unpopulated wilderness and the canyons of our society.


Ultimately, the goal of his journey is to reach back to his ancestral roots by returning to England and Scotland, and to come to know – to understand at the deepest level – the art that reflects his rich heritage. Yet his journey has a focus beyond the experience. Craig intends to earn his MA in studio studies, help others achieve the experience of creating, and ultimately have his own studio where his energy can be free to surge across the mediums of expression.

pop art painting of a blonde woman on a red background

For me my work is about communicating that there is a whole real world out there, that people are going to have to interact with. It’s really easy to get lost or stuck in your own bubble, but we are all part of a bigger picture and we have to work together.

- Craig Alan

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