Candice Luter
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Candice Luter

As a child Candice Luter was always drawn to creative pursuits. Little did she know that her love of art would come in handy later in life.


After finishing college and taking a job in corporate America, she felt that tugging back to the creative parts of herself and decided to take matters into her own hands. It just took one trip to Home Depot to buy her first drill and trying her hand at interiors, she was hooked. She began spending hours on Pinterest and social media learning everything she could on how she might accomplish all the designs she had in her head. She then changed career paths to work in sales for an Interior Design firm. From that point on she began immersing herself into the design world and before long she had picked up a miter saw and started making her own designs.


This is where Candice Luter’s first company, Remnant Design, was born— a hobby turned side business in her local town where she was able to gain notoriety. Since then, Remnant Design has morphed into Candice Luter ART + HOME where new emerging designs have the opportunity to have their own voice.

Candice Luter

I’m always finding out something new about how I can stretch personally as well as artistically when working with rope. I try to stay outside of the box as much as possible and even research other forms of inspiration to push the envelope.

- Candice Luter

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