A Very Barry Holidays

Unwrap some festive fun from your friends at Kevin Barry Art Advisory

With the holiday season in full swing, we at KBAA are taking some time to get into the holiday spirit. As we all sprint to wrap up our workload for 2021, we have wrapped up something a little special to share with all of you.

This year we are welcoming a new Barry to the family: Barry the Elf! He is KBAA’s official ambassador of the holiday season and he is already up to some tricks on our social channels this month. In addition to fun with elf on the shelf, we have a few more goodies that we’d like to share with you to get you in the festive spirit.

We wish you a very happy holiday season, from our team to yours!


Find Barry the Elf


Over several weeks, Barry the Elf will be hiding in photos of some of our favorite projects debuted in 2021 across our social channels. If you’re following along in real time, you can comment with your answer once you’ve spotted our impish little friend. Get a sneak peek at the hidden Barrys yet to come and check out a few of our find-the-elf games below.


The Tuxon Hotel, Tucson AZ

Hi friend—⁣⁣
After check-in you will find⁣⁣
a friendly North Pole imp inside⁣⁣
your guest room made for art lovers.⁣⁣
Fair warning: I do hog the covers!⁣⁣
Barry the Elf⁣⁣


Hotel Kansas City, Kansas City MO

*Yawn* good morning—

Here’s something strange (if you can believe it)
I’m known for being lazy (I just can’t see it).
Other elves just don’t get it— they’re rather dim
Hotel mornings are for sleeping in.

Barry the Elf⁣⁣


We hope you had fun playing along with Barry! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to play even more Barry the Elf games all month long.


Discover Your Authentic Elf Self


Who doesn’t love a good name game? Barry the Elf has inspired us all to get creative with our holiday identities. Whether you’re a Lord Cuddleston or a Sugar Plum Chilly Willy, we hope your new elf-inspired name fills you with pride and good cheer.



KBAA Holiday Backgrounds


While some of us might be heading to some in-person holiday parties this year, you may still find yourself in need of a festive holiday background.

Here are two seasonal backgrounds designed by KBAA that are sure to make your end of the year Zoom calls a little more colorful.




Check out some of our other favorite projects debuted in 2021 at the links below!
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